Jimei PalaceWork Donquixote Doflamingo 1:6 Scale Statue

Jimei PalaceWork

Payment Options
* Kindly check for estimated shipping cost below
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$1050 (Excluding shipping)

* Any additional shipping cost will be added to the final bill if the final shipping cost is more than the included shipping cost. Likewise, a refund will be given if the final shipping cost is lesser. You have the option to include or exclude shipping cost into your payment plan.


  • Statue is priced at $1,050
  • Statue is expected to be released at about a year later
  • 2 options available for purchase
    • Full payment of $1000
    • Deposit of $350 with remaining $700 to be paid upon shipping 
    • 9 months payment plan
  • Any deposit/payment made is non-refundable
  • For Deposit Payment option, payment does not include shipping cost. Shipping payment will be made separately. 
  • For Payment Plan option
    • Total includes or excludes shipping cost 


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