H.M.O. Morrigan P1 1:4 Scale Statue


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    HMO Premium Morrigan Statue

    HMO presents to you, an amazing and unprecedented depiction of the Queen Succubus Morrigan Aensland in stunning 1:4 scale. If you would like to find out why this statue stole the show and eclipsed products at conventions, read on.

    We know what you want… Designed solely for your viewing pleasure, Morrigan features a stunning portrait with incredible life-like eyes realized by HMO’s Realeyes (patent pending) technology. Never before has an HMO female statue looked so beautiful. For you, the appreciator of immortal dynamic scenes, the statue is brought to life with bats taking flight all around Morrigan, like a demon ascending to the heavens. The base itself is a display marvel. As you rotate the base slowly, a skull greets you from the front of Morrigan.

    With a low edition size, we guarantee the worldwide rarity of Morrigan for you. Morrigan also comes with an exceptional “Player 2” variant in crimson and blue shades for those who wish to brag about ownership of this even more hard-to-find variant of this HMO masterpiece.



    Morrigan Aensland, the Queen of the Demon Realm Makai is the most iconic female character in Capcom’s Darkstalkers series. Morrigan has widely been recognized as one of the most popular female characters in gaming history.

    With the face of an angel and the deadly curves of a succubus, it is no wonder that Morrigan is a fond part of any gamer’s childhood. Turn back the time and you would recall seeing Morrigan in any game release surrounding Darkstalker lore, from the original release in 1994 to the chibi versions of Puzzle Fighter.

    Vain and incredibly powerful, Morrigan draws excitement from the heat of the battle with powerful move sets.

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