Prime 1 Studio Wonder Woman versus Hydra (Regular Edition) 1:3 Scale Statue

Prime 1 Studio

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Europe  $250
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Note: Shipping cost is based on Prime 1 Studio given estimated weight and dimension. Shipping cost is subjected to statue box re-measurement and re-weigh.



    • Statue is priced at $1600
    • Statue is expected to be released at Q1-2 2022
    • 2 options available for pre-ordering
      • Full payment of $1600
      • Deposit of $400 with remaining $1200 to be paid upon shipping 
      • 14 months payment plan
    • Any deposit/payment made is non-refundable
    • For Deposit Payment option, payment does not include shipping cost. Shipping payment will be made separately. 
    • For Payment Plan option
      • Total includes or excludes shipping cost 

    * Pre-order is secured through a very trustworthy reseller in Asia. All items ordered are delivered



    • 49lbs (22.2kg)
    • Statue Size approx. 32 inches tall holding Sword [H:81.4cm W:59cm D:45.7cm]
    • One (1) designed theme base
    • One (1) swappable Right-Hand holding the Sword of Athena
    • Release Date: Q1-2 2022

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