Queen Studios Wonder Woman Shield Life-size Prop Replica (Regular Edition)

Queen Studios

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    • Prop is priced at $290
    • Statue is expected to be released at Q4 2020
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      • 9 months payment plan
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    Modelled on the Wonder Woman Shield carried by Diana in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, this life-size Prop Replica is constructed of high-quality polystone.

    The exceptional detailing, shimmering gold patterns and black matte finish make the Wonder Woman Shield immediately recognisable. The shield boasts two leather look straps on the inside, allowing it to be worn like an Amazonian hero.

    When you’re not recreating your favourite movie moments or defending from oncoming attacks, the shield can be displayed in it’s stand.

    The design of the stand is simple yet artistic. The pattern in the middle is inspired by Wonder Woman's headband, symbolizing myth and power. Mount Olympus’ rocks are distributed on both sides, supporting this amazing artwork. The overall shape is natural and generous, classical and mysterious.

    Shield: 49.5cm
    Base: 31cm (L), 17.8cm (W), 18.5cm (H)
    Total: 49.5cm (L), 17.8cm (W), 58cm (H)

    Material: Polystone

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